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Gütersloh, September 2019 No. 84/2019

Greater convenience and improved design for best-selling hob unit with integrated extractor

Miele upgrades its bestseller among its cooking appliances. For greater elegance and improved functionality, the induction hob with its integrated extractor now has a flush-fitted grille.

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Gütersloh/Berlin, September 4, 2019 No. 83/2019

Strong IFA performance by Miele's first rechargeable handstick

At today's IFA press conference, Miele unveiled its first rechargeable handstick vacuum cleaner. The flexibility of the Triflex with its 3-in-1 concept, patents pending, was graphically presented on stage by Executive Director and Co-Proprietor Dr. Markus Miele. Further highlights presented by Dr. Reinhard Zinkann, likewise Executive Director and Co-Proprietor, included washing machines and tumble dryers which go about their work faster and in a more environmentally friendly way, are intelligently networked and allow items of laundry to be added almost through to the end of a programme.

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Gütersloh/Berlin, September 4, 2019 No. 79/2019

Largest product launch in the history of Miele: Generation 7000 built-in appliances

With its Generation 7000 built-in appliances, Miele is making cooking simpler and more intuitive than ever before:  As for example with the first camera able to withstand the intense heat of a pyrolytic oven. And what's more, a clever guardian watches over cakes as they bake to ensure they never become too dry. The new induction hobs can cater for up to 6 pots and pans placed and moved around anywhere on the ceramic glass screen, dispensing with the need to select or join rings.

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Gütersloh, March 27, 2019 No. 40/2019

Miele built-ins continue to rake in design prizes

14 is now the proud number of design prizes which Miele has been awarded since the beginning of this year. After seven iF product design awards, the company was called up again seven times at the 'Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019'. Five awards refer to the new Generation 7000 built-in appliances alone, which are due for launch in May.

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Gütersloh, February 5, 2019. No. 2/2019

Generation 7000: Miele launches completely new range of built-in appliances

With its Generation 7000, Miele is renewing its entire product range of built-in kitchen appliances, from ovens and hob units to steam ovens, coffee machines through to dishwashers. Aesthetically, Generation 7000 with its four new design lines offers inspiration for virtually every interior design style. A further benefit is the ease with which the new Miele appliances help their users to attain culinary excellence. With its Generation 7000, Miele is introducing nearly 3,000 model versions worldwide. The new range comes under starter's orders in May 2019.  

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Gütersloh, February 5, 2019 No. 3/2019

Elegance, intuition and ease: The design of Miele's new built-in appliances

Clear forms, high-quality materials, excellent workmanship and an intuitive interface: These are the assets of Generation 7000 design, as demonstrated in four new design lines and three colour worlds as well as one version with stainless steel. Miele offers a matching solution for each home interior style, unobtrusively integrated or making a bold statement. User interfaces have been carefully reappraised and are more in line with each other than ever before, for the most intuitive handling and matching combination options. 

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Gütersloh, February 5, 2019 No. 4/2019

The new Miele wall ovens: The relaxed way to culinary delights

The path to culinary excellence is now laid-back and relaxed. This is demonstrated by the new wall ovens from Miele's Generation 7000. With TasteControl, a world first, and the innovations FoodView and MotionReact, these machines have intelligent assistants on board, helping to avoid mishaps and creating space for what is most important: Creativity and inspiration and more time for your guests. 

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Gütersloh, February 5, 2019 No. 5/2019

Cooking with steam – culinary excellence meets fast and healthy each and every day

No appliance manufacturer has promoted the interests of steam cooking more than Miele. As early as 1998, the company presented a steam oven with a water tank in the form of the DG 163 - a model easily accommodated in an existing kitchen, heralding the establishment of a new product category over the following years. With its Generation 7000, Miele is now presenting its fifth model series and what amounts to the broadest and most innovative array of machines on the market: Steam ovens, steam ovens with integrated microwave, combi steam ovens (combination of steam oven and conventional oven) as well as a pressure cooker.  

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Gütersloh, February 5, 2019 No. 6/2019

Microwave in new guise

A kitchen without a microwave? – For many, that is simply not an option. All the more reason for Miele to devote the attention it deserves to this product category. The new built-in Generation 7000 models take consideration of calls for various sizes and feature sets and their design lends itself perfectly to combination with other products such as wall ovens. 

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Gütersloh, February 5, 2019 No. 7/2019

A functionally and aesthetically matching pair

Gourmet warmer drawers and a vacuum-sealing drawer do a perfect job in rounding off the culinary lineup of the 7000 generation of built-in appliances, and constitute an important part of the Miele design system. In comparison to their predecessors, technical details on these products have undergone improvement. 

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Gütersloh, February 5, 2019 No. 8/2019

Exquisite coffee meets ultra easy care programmes

Miele shows how the enjoyment of coffee can be increased with Generation 7000 built-in coffee makers. The top CVA 7845 model has an on-board supply of up to three different types of beans, brews each cup without any cross-blending, descales automatically and dispenses with the tiresome job of having to clean milk lines and degrease the brew unit. Thanks to a complete redesign, these coffee machines are even quieter than their predecessors. Further details exclusive to Miele are a cup sensor which aligns the spout with the height of the cup or beaker and performance modes for currently preferred settings. 

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Gütersloh, February 5, 2019 No. 9/2019

Dialog oven extends its range of skills through the addition of a gourmet service

Since the launch of the Dialog oven in 2018, one thing has become clear: With this product, Miele has taken cooking to a new level. Now, this revolutionary cooking appliance comes in the design of Miele's Generation 7000 range of built-in appliances, and will hence be available in the PureLine and VitroLine designs and in stainless steel, graphite grey, obsidian black and brilliant white. One reason more to opt for the Dialog oven is the unique MChef gourmet service which is due to expand to deliver throughout Germany from the beginning of the year. 

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Gütersloh, February 5, 2019 No. 10/2019

Extremely flexible and intuitive – the new hob units from Miele with full-surface induction

Unchallenged cream of the cream among hob units: full-surface induction represents untold freedom when it comes to cooking. Up to six pots, pans and even casserole dishes can be positioned anywhere on the hob unit and even moved around. And induction cooks fast, uses little electricity and the ceramic glass screen stays easy to clean. All this is united on top models from Miele's Generation 7000 range of hob units. Two further clever details: Thanks to a new printing process, pots and pans slide virtually noiselessly and smoothly over the surface of the hob unit. And ring settings travel automatically with the pot. Miele first presented these hob units at the IFA 2018 trade show as a herald of Generation 7000 built-in appliances. They are due to hit the market starting in April 2019. 

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Gütersloh, February 5, 2019 No. 11/2019

The G 7000 autonomous dishwasher from Miele

Miele promises unparalleled dishwashing freedom – thanks to AutoDos with integrated PowerDisk. This unique system dispenses detergent automatically and uses powder granulate specially designed for the purpose. Furthermore, the new dishwashers can be controlled by app and programmed from a mobile device. All that remains for the user to do is to load and unload the machine and occasionally replace the PowerDisk; everything else can be left to the machine.  

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Gütersloh, February 5, 2019 No. 12/2019

Domestic appliances up to date with RemoteService

With its Generation 7000 built-in appliances, Miele is expanding its connectivity repertoire in the kitchen. In order to offer services to as many customers as possible without the need for any further retrofitting of components - both currently and in future - most new models feature WiFi connectivity as standard. New, too, is the RemoteService function with which domestic appliances will in future remain up to date. 

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