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Gütersloh/Berlin, September 19, 2017 No. 067/2017

New app for Miele's Mopstars: Data management made simple

Miele Professional is now set to make the working life of contract cleaners simpler with the introduction of a convenient and versatile app. This app allows the control of wash cycles via a tablet PC or smartphone and facilitates the saving of process data.

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Gütersloh/Berlin, September 19, 2017 No. 068/2017

Convenient, practical and professional when it comes to gentle fabric care: The new Mopstars from Miele

Even greater convenience, more economical and with all the features to guarantee maximum protection of fabrics: Two new washing machines, available from Miele Professional under the Mopstar logo, are set to become the indispensable helpers of contract cleaners. 

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Gütersloh/Berlin, September 19, 2017 No. 069/2017

Buy, rent or lease laundry machines: All-in package for contract cleaners

Buy, finance or rent - that is the question! Miele Professional offers contract cleaners opting for the latest laundry technology a wealth of options ranging from leasing to rental contracts, even covering all maintenance and repair work.

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Gütersloh/Berlin, September 19, 2017 No. 070/2017

ProHygiene test checks bacterial count on disinfected laundry

Laundry used in hospitals, nursing homes and on board ambulances should not contain infectious bacteria. Reliable protection can only be afforded if disinfection processes and the products used are perfectly aligned. 

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Gütersloh/Berlin, September 19, 2017 No. 071/2017

Tumble dryers for contract cleaners – gentle to fabrics and energy-efficient

If mops and cleaning cloths are not needed again immediately and are to be put into storage, say over the weekend, they obviously have to be dry. This is for example needed to prevent any growth of micro-organisms. To meet these needs, Miele Professional offers tumble dryers with programmes for contract cleaners in the form of various models.

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Gütersloh, September 7, 2017 No. 098/2017

For clean crockery and a pure environment: New detergents and rinse aid

Gentle on crockery and the environment: A new set for commercial dishwashers from Miele Professional consisting of detergent and rinse aid. These two products and a further powder detergent now augment the range of products available under the ProCare Shine label.

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Gütersloh/Berlin, August 8, 2017 No. 059/2017

Gentle laundry care with full service - Miele's package deal for contract cleaners

Miele Professional with new washing machines for contract cleaners on show at CMS 2017 (Berlin, September 19-22). These are part and parcel of Miele's systematic approach of offering tailored services.

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