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Gütersloh/Berlin, August 29, 2018 No. 083/2018

Miele world first at IFA – Dishwasher with PowerDisk dispenses automatically

Miele's IFA press conference today culminated in the unveiling of the new G 7000 dishwasher generation with AutoDos and PowerDisk: This comprehensive solution, unique on the market, dispenses detergent automatically, using a specially designed and highly efficient powder granulate. Further highlights include new flagship washing machine, hob unit and coffee machine models – as well as a unique gourmet service called MChef, unparallelled worldwide.

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Gütersloh/Berlin, August 29, 2018 No. 076/2018

World premiere at IFA: The G 7000 autonomous dishwasher from Miele

Miele is promising hitherto untold dishwashing freedom at IFA 2018 – thanks to AutoDos and its integrated PowerDisk. This unique system dispenses detergent automatically and uses powder granulate specially designed for the purpose. Furthermore, the new dishwashers can be controlled by an app and programmed from a mobile device.

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Gütersloh/Berlin, August 24, 2018 No. 077/2018

Extremely flexible and intuitive – the new hob units from Miele with full-surface induction

Unchallenged cream of the cream among hob units: full-surface induction represents untold freedom when it comes to cooking. Up to six pots, pans and even casserole dishes can be positioned anywhere on the hob unit and even moved around. And induction cooks fast, is sparing in its use of electricity, and an induction hob is easy to clean. All these benefits combine on top models from the new KM 7000 generation of hob units in a most impressive way – tested to last 20 years and at an attractive price.

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Gütersloh/Berlin, August 29, 2018 No. 078/2018

Gourmet restaurant comes to your home – Miele involved in new MChef business model

At the last IFA exhibition, Miele presented its new dialog oven. Now, a startup called MChef is set to deliver top-class cuisine to your home: Superior three-course menus, served and arranged on elegant plates – and ready to be cooked to perfection in a customer's own dialog oven. 

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Gütersloh/Berlin, August 29, 2018 No. 079/2018

New from Miele: A-rated wash performance in only 39 minutes – using 60% less energy

Wait and collect laundry or have pangs of conscience about washing only one or two small items? Both is now a thing of the past. Thanks to Miele's new SingleWash feature, even the smallest of loads right down to a single garment can now be washed economically, fast and hygienically.

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Gütersloh/Berlin, August 24, 2018 No. 080/2018

A more environmental, intuitive and flexible wash – with the new W1 Passion from Miele

Miele has now further upgraded its flagship washing machines. The new W1 Passion sports all programmes, convenience features and top performance values the company can currently muster – making it unique in the marketplace. Of course, the new SingleWash function is on board, allowing even the smallest of loads to be washed fast and economically.

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Gütersloh/Berlin, August 29, 2018 No. 081/2018

New coffee machine from Miele offers even greater convenience – and a unique range of choice

At IFA, the German family-owned company will be launching a new flagship model in its range of countertop coffee machines. Not only does the CM 7750 CoffeeSelect offer no fewer than four useful features which can only be had from Miele, it is now possible for the first time to select from three different bean types at the touch of a button. A new conical grinder made from stainless steel grinds exceedingly quietly and gently, without leaving any residue behind. 

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Gütersloh/Berlin, August 29, 2018 No. 082/2018

Food now delivered to your doorstep via Miele@mobile app

The Miele@mobile app is becoming increasingly multi-talented: The latest addition is a food service which delivers the ingredients of a recipe or even your next big shopping order to your doorstep. Furthermore, many details of the applications have undergone improvement, and further connected appliances have been added. Besides this, Amazon's voice-controlled assistant Alexa has learned a great deal more about Miele domestic appliances.

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Gütersloh/Berlin, July 12, 2018 No. 067/2018

Following on from dialog oven: Miele set to continue unrelenting innovation offensive at IFA 2018

Haute cuisine winging its way to the guest? What this entails precisely was today explained by Frank Jüttner, Managing Director of Miele's German sales subsidiary, at the Innovation Media Briefing IFA preview in Berlin. At the same time, he provided a summary of the products to be presented by the Gütersloh family-owned company in early September in the shadow of Berlin's famous TV transmitter.

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