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Düsseldorf/Riese Pio X/Gütersloh, November 12, 2018. No. 117/2018

PowerPulseCleaning dispenses with need for manual pre-cleaning of complex instruments

The new large-chamber disinfectors from Steelco clean faster and more thoroughly than any of their predecessors by using, at the same time, significantly less water and electricity. This is achieved by virtue of the fact that Steelco identifies loads using RFID and adjusts the process using a variable-speed circulation pump accordingly. The unique PowerPulseCleaning system further enables the thorough cleaning of complex minimally invasive surgical instruments which cannot be dismantled.

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Düsseldorf/Riese Pio X/Gütersloh, November 12, 2018 No. 118/2018

Miele includes bedpan washers in range – with matching process chemicals

As a hospital hygiene specialist, Miele has further augmented its product lineup and is now for the first time offering four washer-disinfectors for bedpans and urine bottles. Together with matching process chemicals from the new ProCare Med line, this creates a holistic and comprehensive system catering for individual requirements.

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Düsseldorf/Riese Pio X/Gütersloh, November 12, 2018 No. 119/2018

Double capacity on the smallest of footprints: Steelco's dedicated solution for endoscopes

With the new, compact EW 1 S on rack endoscope reprocessor, Steelco is adding a further compact special solution to its endoscope reprocessing portfolio. For the first time, two asynchronous chambers are available, each for one gastro/colon flexible endoscope. The two units are totally independent for benefits in maintenance activities and greater flexibility in use.

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Düsseldorf/Riese Pio X/Gütersloh, November 12, 2018 No. 120/2018

Steam sterilisers from Steelco: Efficiency, maximum safety and low consumption

Steelco sterilisers set standards – with modern technology and particularly high-quality design. Steriliser models VS1 to VS18 feature short programme cycles and low consumption combined with the ultimate in safety.

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Düsseldorf/Riese Pio X/Gütersloh, November 12, 2018 No. 121/2018

Systematic solutions for efficient instrument reprocessing with maximum productivity

Safety and efficiency are issues in all hospitals – but can also be turned into solutions that enable maximum productivity. Starting from as little as 40 m2, Steelco can create customized work areas catering for individual clients’ needs to enhance ergonomics, instrument workflow and productivity.

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Riese Pio X/Gütersloh/Düsseldorf, September 27, 2018 No. 108/2018

Individual solutions for modern clinics – new large-chamber disinfectors and more

For the second time, the Miele and Steelco brands will be jointly presenting numerous solutions focussing on the economic and innovative reprocessing of medical products in hospitals and clinics at Medica, the world's largest medical technology trade show – under the motto 'Customization, Innovation, Excellence'.

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