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Gütersloh/Berlin, September 4, 2020 No. 053/2020

Miele brings artificial intelligence to the kitchen – and increases its sales despite Corona

An oven with a camera that identifies food and controls the cooking process. Another digital aid that provides step-by-step assistance during frying. And a washer-dryer that’s smarter and more convenient than anything before. These are just some of the highlights that the Gütersloh-based family-run Miele company unveiled this morning at its IFA press conference. It also provided an insight into the company’s business situation, reporting sales figures that actually surpassed those of the previous year. The information was delivered by Dr. Axel Kniehl (Executive Director Marketing and Sales) and Dr. Reinhard Zinkann (Executive Director and Co-Proprietor).

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Gütersloh/Berlin, September 4, 2020 No. 052/2020

Elevating cooking to the next level with artificial intelligence

The camera in the oven identifies the food and controls the cooking process, while another digital aid provides step-by-step assistance when frying: with new intelligent assistance systems, Miele is launching a holistic digital cooking experience. The control centre for cooking and many other applications is the Miele App. Featuring a modern design and new content, it really makes the smart home fun!

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Gütersloh, August 28, 2020 No. 051/2020

Larger loads, increased speed and greater convenience – thanks to the new washer-dryers from Miele

Miele has further enhanced its proven WT1 washer-dryer series by adding practical features which make washing and drying in the smallest of spaces even more convenient. Even small loads can be washed and dried quickly and in an environmentally friendly manner. What’s more, thanks to its new digital services, the new WT1 is the smartest washer-dryer on the market. Sales are due to commence in certain countries from October. 

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Gütersloh, August 26, 2020 No. 050/2020

Say goodbye to burnt food and constant temperature adjustments – thanks to the new CookAssist digital cooking experience from Miele

With CookAssist, Miele is making frying easier and safer than ever before. As the app guides the user through the entire frying process step by step, challenging classic dishes such as steak, salmon fillets and blueberry pancakes can now be cooked perfectly without any prior cookery knowledge. Best results can also be achieved with more intricate recipes such as sweet potato or aubergine tapas. Constant temperature adjustments and burnt food are now a thing of the past!    

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Gütersloh/Berlin, September 4, 2020 No. 049/2020

Virtually unbeatable culinary variety and smart convenience – the new cookers and ovens from Miele

When it comes to delivering first-class user convenience and perfect cooking results for a wide range of dishes, Miele cookers and ovens are constantly setting new standards. Take, for example, cooking with the Moisture plus function, the easy-to-clean PerfectClean coating, the wireless food probe and, last but not least, the first oven camera that is able to withstand pyrolytic cleaning. Now, the Gütersloh family-run company is equipping its Generation 7000 ovens with a new feature which is unique worldwide: A smart cooking assistant based on artificial intelligence and easy to install by remote update.

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Gütersloh, August 24, 2020 No. 048/2020

For coffee specialities with the perfect milk froth: The new CM6 MilkPerfection from Miele

Miele’s range of countertop coffee machines has an impressive new series: the CM6 MilkPerfection, whose abilities come into their own when preparing drink varieties with milk. The standout features in this series of machines also include intuitive operation, easier cleaning and other innovations. It is set to be launched in three versions and seven colours in September. 

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Gütersloh, August 31, 2020 No. 047/2020

Maximum convenience in a small package – the new 45 cm dishwashers from Miele

As more and more people move to expensive urban accommodation, they have to make the most out of every available centimetre – and that includes the space in their kitchens. Luckily, Miele’s new slim dishwashers are the perfect fit. Measuring just 45 centimetres wide, the G 5000 SL generation offers a host of high-quality, convenient features that have so far been the preserve of larger appliances: extremely convenient loading, top performance and, of course, networking. The appliances are being launched on the market in September. 

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Gütersloh/Berlin, 4. September 2020 Nr. 046/2020

Healthy and sustainable ingredients from Agrilution’s Plantcube

Lust auf frische Salate und Kräuter aus eigener Ernte, und dies mitten in der Stadt, ohne Balkon und Garten und das ganze Jahr über? Hier bieten die einzigartigen Plantcubes der neuen Miele-Tochter Agrilution eine ebenso innovative wie nachhaltige Lösung. Die kompakten, vollautomatisierten Gewächsschränke des Münchner Start-ups bringen gesunde Vielfalt auf den Teller und bieten zugleich einen stilvollen optischen Akzent für Küche und Wohnraum. Mit Agrilution baut Miele sein Portfolio für kreative und gesunden Genuss weiter aus.

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Gütersloh/Berlin, September 4, 2020 No. 045/2020

Miele’s new built-in refrigerators ensure longer-lasting freshness with active humidification

An unimaginable 1.3 billion tonnes of food are thrown away every year. Germany alone contributes 12 million tonnes of that, with more than half attributable to households. To combat this, we need a more conscious approach to how we handle food – and an ultra-effective freshness system in our fridges. Thanks to its PerfectFresh Active technology, Miele’s new Generation K 7000 refrigeration appliances are heralding a future with superior food storage conditions. Not only that, but the appliances are also setting new standards in user convenience and lighting.

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Gütersloh, August 28, 2020 No. 044/2020

ModernLife for laundry care: Miele upgrades its entry-line appliances

When developing new washing machines and tumble dryers, Miele consistently strives to create products that have as little impact on the environment as possible, but still deliver top performance and the ultimate in user convenience. This approach has resulted in outstanding innovations like the highly efficient PowerWash technique and the TwinDos dispensing system. Now, the company is delivering these and other premium features at highly appealing prices – with a networking option included in the package for even more benefits. The ModernLife promotional range is set to be launched in some countries from September onwards and will be available for six months. 

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Gütersloh, June 29, 2020 No. 036/2020

Miele at the IFA Global Press Conference

On account of the Coronavirus, the IFA trade show will this year take place as announced in a reduced form, supported by digital platforms and a Global Press Conference (Special Edition 2020, September 3-5).

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