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A functionally and aesthetically matching pair

Gütersloh, February 5, 2019 No. 7/2019
  • Gourmet warmer drawer and vacuum-sealing drawer far more than just complementary appliances

  • Pre-warming crockery now possible by smartphone

Gourmet warmer drawers and a vacuum-sealing drawer do a perfect job in rounding off the culinary lineup of the 7000 generation of built-in appliances, and constitute an important part of the Miele design system. In comparison to their predecessors, technical details on these products have undergone improvement.

Warmer drawers are available in two sizes – with heights of 14 and 29 cm. These numbers are by no means arbitrary. A 45 cm wall oven with integrated microwave together with a smaller Gourmet warmer drawer fit snugly into a classic 60 cm oven recess. The functional outcome is a highly versatile couplet of appliances from the same design mould as all drawers feature a Push2open mechanism and are handleless.

Separate operating modes facilitate pre-heating crockery, keeping food warm or even low-temperature cooking. On the new generation, temperature control is even more precise than on the previous range - a boon to delicate foods when slow cooking. The new Gourmet warmer drawers are now linked using the Miele@mobile app. If required, the drawer can be switched on remotely, ensuring pre-warmed cups on arrival back home. Also new is the fact that the app can be used to set the temperature in low-temperature cooking operations very precisely and to pre-programme the cooking time.

Vacuum for extended storage life and intensive flavour

Vacuum-sealed in a plastic bag, then cooked sous-vide: Many gourmets would never more wish to do without this method of cooking in view of the fine flavour and the tender texture of foodstuffs. A vacuum-sealing drawer together with a Miele steam oven produces another kindred couplet – functional because all Miele steam ovens sport a sous-vide setting with precise temperature controls and matching in design, providing an elegant ensemble for a 60 cm recess. New on the 7000-series vacuum-sealing drawer: Miele has equipped the appliance with an additional component which simplifies the use of smaller plastic bags.

The vacuum sealing of food in plastic bags offers several benefits: The removal of oxygen extends the storage life of food several times over. This makes vacuum sealing an interesting proposition for keeping food fresh. An intensive flavour is achieved by marinating meat followed by vacuum sealing as a vacuum lets aromas penetrate deeper into the meat. Once in the bag, food is cooked over an extended period of time at a constantly held low temperature.

To match the four design lines, Gourmet warmer drawers are available in graphite grey, obsidian black, brilliant white, obsidian black with narrow stainless-steel trim or with a fully stainless front. Vacuum-sealing drawers are exclusively available with coloured glass fronts.

Company profile: Miele is the world's leading manufacturer of premium domestic appliances including cooking, baking and steam-cooking appliances, refrigeration products, coffee makers, dishwashers and laundry and floor care products. This line-up is augmented by dishwashers, washer-extractors and tumble dryers for commercial use as well as washer-disinfectors and sterilisers for use in medical and laboratory applications (Professional Business Unit). The Miele company, founded in 1899, has eight production plants in Germany as well as one plant each in Austria, the Czech Republic, China and Romania. These are joined by the two plants belonging to Miele's Italian medical technology subsidiary Steelco. 2017/18 turnover amounted to approx. EUR 4.1 bn, with sales outside Germany accounting for 70%. Miele is represented with its own sales subsidiaries and via importers in almost 100 countries. Throughout the world, the family-run enterprise, now in its fourth generation, employs a workforce of around 20,100, whereof 11,200 are employed in Germany. The company headquarters are located in Gütersloh/Westphalia, Germany.

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Can keep food warm, cook at low temperatures or even dries fruits: The versatile 14 cm ESW 7010 Gourmet warmer drawer in graphite grey from Miele (Photo: Miele)

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Food storage made easy: Vacuum-sealed fruit takes up less space and keeps for longer. In combination with other Miele units, the vacuum-sealing drawer (EVS 7010) represents a congenial partner. (Photo: Miele)

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With herbs and oil in the Miele vacuum-sealing drawer (EVS 7010). Marinating in a vacuum brings aromas to the fore. (Photo: Miele)

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