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Gütersloh, January 25, 2022 No. 003/2022

New partner Loxone: Miele appliances start automatically with solar power

Miele further promotes intelligent energy management for domestic appliances. With Loxone, Miele's new partner, washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers can be integrated into a versatile smart network so that they start automatically using 'home-grown' electricity from a rooftop PV array. By using green electricity, Miele customers can make their own contribution towards averting climate change and reducing energy costs. As a specialist in the field of building automation, Loxone even goes one step further and offers interconnected systems for greater convenience and security.

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Gütersloh/Pelt, January 18, 2022 No. 001/2022

Miele takes over Belgian dust bag company Eurofilters

Germany's domestic appliance manufacturer Miele took out a 100% stake in the family-owned Eurofilters company at the end of December. The company, headquartered in the Belgian town of Pelt, stands for highly effective solutions based on random-spun fibres, such as materials for face masks and dust bags. The two companies have a long-standing and successful business relationship as Eurofilters already produces a large proportion of the dust bags available from Miele. More recently, the non-wovens specialist also extended its portfolio of technical products for medical applications.

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Gütersloh/Düsseldorf, December 20, 2021 No. 091/2021

Otto Wilde opens its first flagship store at prime Düsseldorf downtown location

With a sales floor covering around 130 m², Otto Wilde Grillers is due to inaugurate its first flagship store on Düsseldorf's legendary 'Kö' boulevard. The young Düsseldorf company, which has been in the majority ownership of the Miele Group since earlier this year, is seen as a highly innovative specialist in the field of ambitious outdoor grilling. Directly above Miele's brand store and opened at the same time (see also press release no. 090/2021), Otto Wilde presents its range of grills, outdoor kitchen modules, accessories and premium cuts of meat, and stages its show cooking events.

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Gütersloh/Düsseldorf, December 20, 2021 No. 090/2021

Miele flies its flag on Düsseldorf's Kö boulevard

The state capital on the Rhine has a reputation as a hotspot for fascinating fashion and modern art – and as a city of special shopping flair. As of today, Miele also welcomes customers to experience its brand world with all their senses in the best of Düsseldorf locations. The address of the latest branch of the world's leading premium manufacturer of high-performance, durable and sustainable domestic appliances is now Königsallee 2 ('Kö-Bogen'). The two-floor shop premises cover a total of 441 m² of sales and storage space. The ground floor is used by the Miele brand itself, whilst on the first floor Miele's subsidiary Otto Wilde Grillers has opened its own first showroom (cf. Press release No. 091/2021).

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Gütersloh, December 15, 2021 No. 089/2021

New Miele heat-pump dryers: Faster, more efficient and with environmentally friendly coolant

Miele commercial heat-pump dryers are approx. 60% more efficient than comparable models using conventional technology. The new models from Miele feature a heat-pump module which reduces energy consumption even further – even in combination with reduced cycle times. Furthermore, each module contains 25% less coolant than previously the case: The new, environmentally friendly R450a refrigerant is, in the unlikely case of a release to atmosphere, far less damaging to the climate. The new models will be available at the same price points as their predecessors, and will be launched at the end of January 2022.

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Gütersloh, December 13, 2021 No. 088/2021

Thoroughness and convenience in large kitchens: New passthrough dishwashers from Miele

With a new generation of passthrough dishwashers, Miele is rounding off its comprehensive portfolio to cater for all the individual needs of commercial clients. The PTD 901 is due to replace familiar models for large kitchens in January 2022 – offering users greater convenience than ever before, for instance with a display which is simple and convenient to use and virtually eliminates the human error factor. All model versions still offer the usual short cycle times and a capacity of just under 1300 plates per hour.

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Gütersloh/Melbourne, 8. November 2021 Nr. 086/2021

Consistently sustainable: Miele equips innovative Zero Waste House in Melbourne

In den eigenen vier Wänden konsequent nachhaltig zu haushalten und besser zu leben – für viele Menschen ist dies Wunsch und Herausforderung zugleich. Wie das funktionieren kann, zeigt das beeindruckende Projekt des Nachhaltigkeitspioniers Joost Bakker in Australien: Sein „Future Food System Home“ in Melbourne verfügt über geschlossene Kreisläufe – und ist damit abfallfrei und wird komplett mit regenerativer Energie versorgt. Bei der Ausstattung des Gebäudes mit energiesparenden Hausgeräten setzt Bakker als erste Wahl auf Geräte des weltweit führenden Anbieters von Premium-Hausgeräten.

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Gütersloh, October 27, 2021 No. 085/2021

Waste not, want not: Why food waste is a real problem – and what action Miele is taking

A 2019 study has shown that around 12 m tonnes of food find their way onto the rubbish tip each year in Germany. Some estimates even put the figure as high as 18 m tonnes. The good news is that every individual can help to prevent food waste – and Miele offers a whole range of innovative solutions to this end.

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Gütersloh, October 21, 2021 No. 084/2021

Miele washing machine winner with Stiftung Warentest – for fourth time in succession

With four top places in succession, Miele washing machines continue their winning streak with Stiftung Warentest. In the most recent edition of the 'test' magazine, Miele's model WWD 320 WPS with an A rating for energy efficiency and an overall mark of 1.6 sits atop the podium. In total, 16 frontloaders with load capacities of between 7 kg and 9 kg and energy efficiency ratings of between A and D were put through their paces. The results are documented in the November 2021 issue of the consumer watchdog's magazine, published on October 21.

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Gütersloh/Salzgitter, 21 October 2021 No. 083/2021

Miele opts for green steel from Salzgitter AG

The Miele Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of premium domestic appliances, has opted for Salzgitter AG’s green steel in its drive to reduce its carbon footprint. From November onward, the domestic appliance group will be sourcing just under 24 tons of low CO₂ steel a month as part of a pilot project. The steel will then find use in all cookers and ovens with a diameter of 60 centimeters. 

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Gütersloh, October 15, 2021 No. 082/2021

Miele supports initiatives for climate neutrality and more climate protection

At the start of in-depth exploratory negotiations in Germany, Miele is demanding, together with almost 70 other well-known companies, an ambitious comprehensive cross-sector climate policy in line with the Paris Climate Accords. As a leading industrial nation, Germany needs clear and reliable framework conditions for effective and competitive climate protection. To achieve this, the potential coalition partners in Berlin must now set an important course. Internationally, Miele is supporting the "We Mean Business Coalition" for more government commitment to climate protection before the G20 summit will take place in Rome.

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Gütersloh, October 14, 2021 No. 081/2021

Miele 2021 sustainability report: Centred on climate strategy and longevity

Miele has reduced the consumption of its washing machines over the past 20 years by 72% based on the Energylabel, despite ongoing improvements in convenience and performance. These and around 70 other performance indicators are presented by the Gütersloh family company in its tenth sustainability report just released. Also a matter of focus: The many benefits which result from the longevity of washing machines, dishwashers and other appliances from Miele – to consumers and the environment. 

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No. 079/2021 Gütersloh, October 7, 2021

FashionMaster 4.0: New-look steam ironing system from Miele

Mit Volldampf gegen Falten: Auch wenn die meisten Meetings derzeit virtuell stattfinden, sollten Hemd oder Bluse vor der Kamera knitterfrei aussehen. Dafür gibt es kein einfacheres und effektiveres Dampfbügelsystem als den FashionMaster von Miele. Nun hat der Gütersloher Hausgerätehersteller sein Erfolgsprodukt erneut weiterentwickelt. Der Marktstart des FashionMasters 4.0 beginnt ab sofort in Deutschland und Europa.

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Gütersloh/Cologne, September 22, 2021 No. 078/2021

Laundry, dishwashing and room air filtration: Hygiene throughout dental practices – with Miele

In dental practices, Miele machines can reduce the risk of contracting an infection by preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria. The new AirControl air purifier and washing machines and dishwashers from Miele with their hygiene programmes have an important contribution to make.

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Gütersloh/Cologne, September 22, 2021 No. 077/2021

Miele Cube and Cube X small sterilisers: more flexible and convenient than ever before

Two years after their market launch, four Miele Cube and Cube X small sterilisers ensure even greater user convenience and further simplify the reprocessing of instruments in dental practices: with a flexible holder for containers and cartridges, a connection to Miele full demineralisation cartridges and an updated app for the wireless documentation of reprocessing.

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Gütersloh/Cologne, September 22, 2021 No. 076/2021

System4Dent from Miele: New solutions for the reprocessing of dental instruments

Miele is set to expand its System4Dent portfolio to cover all dental disciplines: For example, with innovations such as the first adapter for the automatic reprocessing of multi-function syringes in a thermal disinfector. Reuseable hoses and masks for laughing gas sedation can, in future, be washed and disinfected in Miele undercounter units. This fully equips practices with a variety of specialities – including general dentistry, orthodontics, implantology and oral and maxillofacial surgery. 

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Gütersloh, September 3, 2021 No. 069/2021

Strong, compact, agile: The new Boost CX1 – Miele’s smallest bagless vacuum cleaner

With its new Boost CX1, the Gütersloh-based premium purveyor of domestic appliances has extended its bagless floorcare range to include a particularly compact, lightweight and agile model series. This vacuum cleaner convinces with its modern design, outstanding cleaning performance and high ease of use. The market launch is scheduled to begin immediately in Germany and Europe.

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Gütersloh, September 3, 2021 No. 068/2021

Strong performance and even smarter: The new Miele Scout RX3 robovac

The floor under the dining table is to be cleaned after every meal and the living room vacuumed once a day? Or just drop in remotely to see if everything is OK at home? Neither is a problem for the new Miele Scout RX3. The new generation of robotic vacuum cleaners excels thanks to innovative functions, excellent user convenience – and a considerable improvement in suction power. The Scout RX3 has been available in Germany since June and is now also available across Europe.

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Gütersloh, September 3, 2021 No. 067/2021

Miele in the smart home: Reexperience digital shopping – and talk with Google Assistant

App controls or voice assistant? – Both versions have their respective benefits to users of Miele domestic appliances. And that is why the company is taking things to the next level on both fronts: with the Google Assistant for voice control and a new In-App Shop for the convenient purchasing of accessories and consumables. And, not least, networked Miele appliances are more sustainable in use than ever before. The relevant buzzwords are Smart Features and Smart Home Integration.

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Gütersloh, September 3, 2021 No. 066/2021

For even better protection of the environment: Miele dishwashers now with top A energy efficiency rating

Thanks to their particularly low water and electricity consumption, from October onwards almost all G 7000 dishwashers from Miele will meet the particularly strict requirements for the new A energy efficiency rating – combined with the best possible cleaning performance and without any trade-off in terms of convenience. And the AutoDos dispensing system with integrated PowerDisks, still a unique proposition, is now even more environmentally friendly in operation: The quantity of powder granulate detergent can be further reduced to cater for light soiling. In addition to this, the PowerDisk container will in future be made from post-consumer recyclate (PCR).

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Gütersloh, September 3, 2021 No. 065/2021

Miele’s built-in refrigerators ensure longer-lasting freshness with active humidification

An unimaginable 1.3 billion tonnes of food are thrown away every year. Germany alone contributes at least 12 million tonnes of that, with more than half attributable to households. To combat this, we need a more conscious approach to how we handle food – and an ultra-effective freshness system in our fridges. Thanks to its PerfectFresh Active technology, Miele’s Generation K 7000 refrigeration appliances are heralding a future with superior food storage conditions. Not only that, but the appliances are also setting new standards in user convenience and lighting.

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Gütersloh, September 3, 2021 No. 064/2021

Elegant and powerful: The new Black Levantar downdraft extractor from Miele

In a high-end, open-plan kitchen, there is a call for discreetly elegant built-in appliances which blend in seamlessly with their surroundings. Consequently, induction hobs with an integrated extractor are, for example, high on the agenda – depending on preferences, these products include the Black Levantar, a so-called downdraft extractor from Miele. Hidden away in the base unit, it only rises above the worktop when cooking is in progress. For greater flexibility and user convenience, Miele has further extended and improved this elegant yet powerful model series.

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Gütersloh, September 3, 2021 No. 063/2021

Detergents and care products from Miele now even environmentally friendlier – in terms of ingredients and packaging

As the only supplier in its branch, Miele offers customers matching care products to go with its washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers. The most recent addition to the range is the 'Eco' product line of dishwasher detergents due for launch in October. At the same time, both detergents for washing machines and dishwashers will feature a sustainable packaging design and now almost exclusively use recycled materials.

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Gütersloh/Cologne, August 27, 2021 No. 061/2021

Live and digital in Cologne: Miele at the IDS – with lots of new features for dental practices

After a period of forced absence, Miele is to be in live attendance once again at the IDS, the world's leading dental technology show in Cologne – and, at the same time, at the digital platform IDS Connect: with new products from the proven System4Dent portfolio which has been extended to cover all disciplines within dental medicine. Alongside thermal disinfectors and small sterilisers, air purifiers, washing machines and dishwashers provide protection against viruses and bacteria (September 22-25, Cologne, Building 10.2, Booth R 019).

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Gütersloh/Munich, August 26, 2021 No. 060/2021

A perfect match: Miele Lounge kicks off new season with FC Bayern Munich

All is set in the Allianz Arena: At the start of the new Bundesliga season, FC Bayern Munich and Miele are to present gourmet cuisine at Champions League level – prepared in the Miele Lounge, the new culinary hotspot in the arena. The lounge is the heart and soul of the cooperation which the multiple league champion and Miele announced last year. Due to Corona, the public has been kept waiting for the kick-off until now - at long last with match-goers and that exhilarating stadium atmosphere.

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Gütersloh, July 22, 2021 No. 057/2021

Two Miele dishwashers clinch first place in Stiftung Warentest report

Exceptional results for Miele dishwashers with German consumer watchdog Stiftung Warentest: Among 60 cm wide units, the fully integrated G 5260 SCVi Active Plus (top-edge controls) came out tops. In the integrated category, the same was achieved by the G 5210 SCi Active Plus, a technically identical model with front controls. Both were the only models to achieve an overall mark of 2.1. In total, the test covered 18 units, whereof 14 had a width of 60 cm and 4 were 45 cm slimline models. The results were published in the 08/2021 issue of the 'test' magazine on July 22.



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Gütersloh, July 5, 2021 No. 051/2021

The new Miele app: Cool design and high-class user experience

'In this version, the app has a new name, a new design, improved performance, and is even easier to use': What the release notes couch in the most reserved terms is once again a huge step forward for the 170,000 or so regular users of the Miele app. The new Miele app – formerly Miele@mobile App – incorporates additional features which make operating smart domestic appliances, including the integration of service, even more concise and much more fun. In short, Miele is taking 'user experience' to the next level. 

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Gütersloh, June 28, 2021 No. 049/2021

Meeting the highest demands on speed and convenience – New ProfiLine dishwashers from Miele

ProfiLine dishwashers from Miele combine the technology of commercial machines designed for durability and speed with the unique user convenience and elegance of Miele domestic dishwashers. A cycle time of only 17 minutes makes these models the products of choice wherever lots of crockery has to be washed clean in the shortest of time – for instance in public institutions, small businesses, offices and agencies, cookery schools and even large families. And now Miele has further improved its ProfiLine dishwashers, making them even simpler to operate and more convenient to load. The new generation is due to go on sale
in July 2021.

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Gütersloh, June 14, 2021 No. 047/2021

Laboratory glassware reprocessing on three levels: Large-chamber glasswashers from Miele now with increased capacity

With large-chamber laboratory glasswashers from the PLW 86 series, Miele has been offering a high-performance series since 2019 which, thanks to the EasyLoad accessory system, is fast and simple to load. Even greater chamber capacity and additional loading flexibility will soon be offered by a new load carrier, available from July 2021 onwards: For the first time, this unit allows up to 9 modules to be accommodated on up to three levels – for the reliable cleaning of a variety of laboratory glassware items both inside and out.

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Gütersloh, June 14, 2021 No. 046/2021

Slender, flexible and capable of accommodating even larger loads: New SlimLine laboratory glasswashers from Miele

With a width of only 65 cm, Miele laboratory glasswashers from the SlimLine series are the ideal fit when lots of glassware need washing where space is limited. From 4Q2021, the PLW 7111 from the new generation will be available with a larger chamber and the EasyLoad system for simple loading, greater flexibility and a higher capacity. Furthermore, intelligent technology adjusts circulation pump capacity – guaranteeing speed during the main wash and saving water in the rinse cycle.

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Gütersloh, 8. Juni 2021 Nr. 043/2021

Miele significantly increases its commitment to greater sustainability and climate protection

The battle against climate change is perhaps one of the biggest challenges of our day and age. More than ever, therefore, the economy is also expected to make a significant contribution towards a solution. As a family-owned company now in its fourth generation, Miele is rising to its responsibilities: From 2021 onwards, the Gütersloh company will be CO2 neutral across all its locations. This refers to greenhouse gas emissions resulting from its own production processes (Scope 1) as well as those in power generation at its energy suppliers (Scope 2).

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Gütersloh, June 7, 2021 No. 041/2021

Overview of commercial machines at a glance with new Miele MOVE portal – on PCs and mobile devices

Which washing machines are running? When will they be finished? How high is consumption? Answers to questions such as these are provided live by the new Miele MOVE portal. In June 2021, the new platform will be launched for PCs and mobile devices in Germany – as a digital solution which simplifies a multitude of processes. Initially, Miele MOVE will be available for the new Benchmark Machines, Miele's latest generation of laundry machines.

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Gütersloh, June 7, 2021 No. 040/2021

Connectivity and increased convenience: the new Benchmark laundry machines from Miele

They are all-rounders but, where necessary, absolute specialists: The New Benchmark Machines, connectivity-enabled laundry machines from Miele, are set to replace the successful models from the Benchmark generation in June 2021. And there are also right-sized dryers to match the washing machines from this model series, with load capacities of between 12 kg and 20 kg. Commercial machines are the ideal foundation on which to efficiently organise work routines – if required even providing digital support.

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Gütersloh, June 7, 2021 No. 039/2021

Connectivity and increased convenience: the new Benchmark laundry machines from Miele

They are all-rounders but, where necessary, absolute specialists: The New Benchmark Machines, connectivity-enabled laundry machines from Miele, are set to replace the successful models from the Benchmark generation in June 2021. And there are also right-sized dryers to match the washing machines from this model series, with load capacities of between 12 kg and 20 kg. Commercial machines are the ideal foundation on which to build efficient laundries in hotels and restaurants – if required even providing digital support.

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Gütersloh, June 7, 2021 No. 038/2021

More space for mops and cloths in the new Benchmark laundry machines from Miele

The absolute specialists for mops and cloths: The New Benchmark Machines, connectivity-enabled laundry machines from Miele, are set to replace the successful models from the Benchmark generation in June 2021 – and offer considerably more space for cleaning textiles. And there are also right-sized dryers to match the washing machines from this model series, with load capacities of between 12 kg and 20 kg. The machines are the ideal foundation on which to build efficient on-premise laundries.

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Gütersloh, June 7, 2021 No. 037/2021

Protective clothing, helmets and more: Safe reprocessing in Miele's new commercial laundry machines

The new commercial laundry machines from Miele are able to reprocess entire sets of the personal protective gear worn by fire-fighters: not only multi-ply jackets and trousers but also helmets, gloves and heavy-duty belts. All models are available from June 2021 onwards under the title 'The New Benchmark Machines' and guarantee increased safety in readiness for the next emergency call – if required even with digital assistance. And there are also right-sized dryers to match the washing machines from this model series, with load capacities of between 12 kg and 20 kg.

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Gütersloh, June 7, 2021 No. 036/2021

Connectivity and increased convenience: The new Benchmark laundry machines from Miele

They are all-rounders but, where necessary, absolute specialists: The New Benchmark Machines, connectivity-enabled laundry machines from Miele, are set to replace the successful models from the Benchmark generation in June 2021. And there are also right-sized dryers to match the washing machines from this model series, with load capacities of between 12 kg and 20 kg. Commercial machines are the ideal foundation on which to build efficient on-premise laundries – if required even providing digital support.

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Gütersloh, June 1, 2021 No. 035/2021

ProCare Med from Miele: Process chemicals for the reliable reprocessing of medical instruments

For 60 years, Miele has stood for reliability and innovation in the field of medical technology. Now, the Gütersloh-based, family-run company is rounding off its comprehensive system for doctors' practices, outpatient surgeries and specialist departments in hospitals and clinics – with a new and extensive portfolio of process chemicals. Under the heading ProCare Med, the reprocessing expert is set to introduce eight products on selected European markets from October 2021 onwards which are developed for the safe and economical reprocessing of instruments.

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Gütersloh, May 17, 2021 No. 032/2021

Miele Launches Global Brand Campaign to Highlight Its Promise of ‘Quality Ahead of Its Time’

Miele has launched a global brand campaign that shows how the brand is offering its customers ‘Quality Ahead of Its Time’, underpinned by its core values of craftsmanship, performance and sustainability. The campaign also highlights that Miele products are designed for long-lasting performance – providing a level of quality and sustainability that makes an important counterpoint to a throwaway culture. The campaign is visually unique, surprising and engaging, designed to captivate premium customers. It will run in 49 countries around the world.

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Gütersloh, May 11, 2021 No. 033/2021

Washing reusable bottles in a dishwasher – now possible with all commercial models from Miele

Reusable glass bottles and decanters are becoming increasingly popular – whether at home, in offices, in cafés and restaurants or in nursing homes and child care. Now, the insides of these bottles can be washed fast and thoroughly in all Miele commercial dishwashers. The matching basket is available both for fresh water dishwashers and for models from the ProfiLine series.

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Gütersloh, May 10, 2021 No. 031/2021

Miele at Achema Pulse: Innovative products for greater capacity and flexibility in everyday laboratory life

The efficient reprocessing of laboratory glassware will be centre-stage at Miele's presentation at the forthcoming live digital Achema Pulse (June 15-16): Take, for example, the new SlimLine washer, which has retained is same narrow build but offers significantly more space inside, and now sports the particularly convenient EasyLoad system. The large-chamber laboratory glasswashers from the PLW 86 series also offer an increased load capacity – thanks to a new load carrier which boosts their capacity for small and medium-size laboratory glassware items by 50%.

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Gütersloh, May 6, 2021 No. 030/2021

Miele cancels its part in 2021 IFA and 'Küchenmeile'

For Miele, the IFA trade show in Berlin is by far the most important exhibition – and an indispensable meeting place for an exchange of views with valued dealers, consumers and representatives of the press from around the world. With more of a focus on the German specialist kitchen trade, the same applies to the 'Küchenmeile A 30' at Gut Böckel in Rödinghausen. The Gütersloh-based domestic appliance company took the decision to withdraw from both of this year's shows with a heavy heart.

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Gütersloh, May 4, 2021 No. 029/2021

New Miele refrigerators win iF Design Award

Convinced by innovative concept for freshness and excellent user convenience: Even before its launch, the new K 7000 generation of built-in refrigerators has received the iF Design Award. The new models met all criteria in full and excelled in terms of form and function.

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Gütersloh, April 29, 2021 No. 028/2021

For exceptional design: New air purifier from Miele receives coveted Red Dot award

Only two months after its market launch, Miele's mobile AirControl air purifier is now the recipient of one of the world's most reputable design prizes, the Red Dot Award. What counts with the international jury made up of 50 experts from various disciplines is aesthetic excellence and functionality in equal measure. Consequently, durability, ergonomics and innovation are also assessed. The initiator is Professor Peter Zec, Executive Director on the board of the Design Centre North Rhine-Westphalia in Essen.

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Gütersloh, April 27, 2021 No. 027/2021

Plenty of power and even more space – the new induction hob unit with integrated extractor from Miele

A combination of induction hob and efficient extractor saves time and is elegant – and hence increasingly the product of choice for high-end kitchens. Now Miele is further expanding its range of multi-talents: The high-performance newcomer KMDA 7476 offers 7 cm more space for pots and pans, despite having the same external dimensions. New, too, is the equally compact and intuitive operating controls in front of the flush extractor.

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Gütersloh, April 21, 2021 No. 026/2021

Miele’s new built-in refrigerators ensure longer-lasting freshness with active humidification

Unvorstellbare 1,3 Milliarden Tonnen Nahrungsmittel landen weltweit jedes Jahr im Müll. Zwölf Millionen Tonnen sind es allein in Deutschland, und mehr als die Hälfte davon wird in Privathaushalten weggeworfen. Hiergegen hilft ein bewussterer Umgang mit Lebensmitteln – und ein hocheffektives Frischesystem im Kühlschrank. Herausragende Lagerbedingungen bietet künftig die neue Kühlgeräte-Generation K 7000 von Miele – mit PerfectFresh Active. Neue Maßstäbe setzen diese Geräte auch bei Bedienkomfort und Ausleuchtung.

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Gütersloh, 31. März 2021 Nr. 023/2021

New energy label: Miele domestic appliances still classified as very energy-efficient

The new EU energy label has been in force since March. The most noticeable change is that the top label rating for energy efficiency, previously 'A+++', has been replaced by a simple 'A'. At the same time, the benchmark has once again been raised in comparison with the previous top rating. Under the new regime, Miele still excels with top marks for energy efficiency – for example on washing machines, where a lot of the frontloaders have been awarded the top 'A' rating.

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Gütersloh, March 22, 2021 No. 021/2021

New induction hob from Miele combines intuitive touch control with power and flexibility

Touch displays are an integral part of our everyday lives and have long since become indispensable in the kitchen. Miele has already demonstrated this with its Generation 7000 built-in appliances: Ovens, steam cookers and the like are easier and more intuitive to operate via touch display than almost any other cooking appliance before. Now the company is launching another powerful induction hob. It has three PowerFlex Plus areas for variable cooking with up to five pots and pans, is conveniently controlled via an integrated seven-inch TFT colour display and also offers 23 assistance programmes that ensure perfect results when frying.

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Gütersloh, March 17, 2021 No. 020/2021

Miele makes voice control for domestic appliances a convenient "morning routine"

Amazon's Alexa voice assistant and Miele domestic appliances communicate since 2017, but the latest update of the Miele skill* makes voice control even more convenient. An example? With a friendly "Good morning, Alexa", the blinds open, your favourite music plays, and the Miele coffee machine heats up.

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Gütersloh/Düsseldorf, March 16, 2021 No. 019/2021

Foothold in the world of outdoor cooking: Miele acquires majority stake in Otto Wilde Grillers

An increasing circle of people are showing an avid interest in cooking challenging dishes out in the fresh air – and are investing in high-end barbecue grills or even complete outdoor kitchens. Both companies intend to tackle this high-potential markets together with immediate effect: Otto Wilde will contribute its expertise in the field of innovative high-end grills and accessories. Miele, for its part, brings many years of know-how in the development, production, connectivity and marketing of premium built-in appliances worldwide to the table. Alongside expanding the product portfolio, further internationalisation is on the joint agenda.

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Gütersloh/Euskirchen, March 10, 2021 Nr. 017/2021

Following quarantine in Euskirchen: All Miele plants resume production

The Miele Euskirchen plant is working as normal from today. At the same time, production was ramped up again at other production sites which were temporarily unable to produce due to a lack of supply of motors from Euskirchen. In concrete terms, this applies to plants in Gütersloh and Ksawerów (washing machines), Bielefeld (dishwashers and vacuum cleaners) and Uničov (dishwashers and tumble dryers).

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Gütersloh, March 4, 2021 No. 016/2021

Miele AirControl air purifier: Efficiency endorsed by reputable hygiene institute

How do air purifiers with a HEPA filter perform in practice? This is currently a hotly discussed topic, above all regarding use in schools. Answers are provided by a recent series of experiments carried out by the highly reputable HYBETA medical hygiene institute in Münster, Germany, in collaboration with Miele. The test involved putting a mobile PAC 1080 Miele AirControl air purifier through its paces.

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Gütersloh, February 26, 2021 No. 015/2021

Quarantine at the Miele plant in Euskirchen: Production will have to be suspended at other plants

After complete evaluation of the tests of all 500 employees at the Miele plant in Euskirchen, 18 cases of Covid-19 have currently been confirmed as positive there. The British virus variant has been detected in a total of ten employees so far. As a consequence, the Department of Public Health has ordered the quarantine of 206 employees up to and including March 9th, 2021. This is a result of the particularly high risk of the British virus variant.

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Gütersloh, February 25, 2021 No. 014/2021

Miele cooker hood atop Stiftung Warentest rostrum

With a top mark of 2.0, Miele's PUR 98 W cooker hood convinced the jurors of Germany's leading consumer watchdog Stiftung Warentest all along the line, securing unparallelled overall victory. In total, the watchdog examined 18 cooker hoods in recirculation mode. The results were published in the 3/2021 issue of the 'test' magazine on February 25.

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Gütersloh, February 24, 2021 No. 011/2021

Positive Covid-19 tests at Miele plant in Euskirchen: 200 people are under quarantine

Despite stringent protective measures, infections with SARS-CoV-2 have occurred at the Miele plant in Euskirchen. The British virus variant B.1.1.7, which is considered to be particularly contagious, was found in six of the eight cases that initially tested positive. Last Tuesday, February 23, all of the plant's approximately 500 employees were tested. The results are expected to be available tomorrow.

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Gütersloh, February 18, 2021 No. 010/2021

Better hygiene in the home: Miele machines reliably deal with viruses

Demands for hygiene around the home have reached high levels and, indeed, further increased during the current pandemic. Hygienically sparkling crockery and clean laundry engenders trust and confidence and creates a sense of security in everyday life. And now, the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences has conducted a scientific investigation into whether dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers from Miele meet these high demands – and the independent Institute for Integrative Hygiene and Virology (InFluenc_H) awarded Miele its gold seal of approval. Miele's FashionMaster steam ironing system was awarded its seal in silver, the highest award going to a product in this category.

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Gütersloh, February 15, 2021 No. 007/2021

DataDiary from Miele: Efficient management of all process data from thermal disinfectors and small sterilisers

No matter whether visibly soiled or microbiologically contaminated: The reprocessing of medical and dental instruments should be continuously documented. Miele's tried-and-tested DataDiary app represents a reliable and time-saving solution in this respect. The app is designed for thermal disinfectors and small sterilisers. Cycle reports are received automatically and can be saved on a tablet PC. And now a DataDiary update is available – offering even greater convenience in terms of data presentation and archiving. The Android version is immediately available; the version for iPads will follow at the end of 2Q21.

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Gütersloh, February 11, 2021 No. 006/2021

Miele increases turnover by 6.5%

In the 2020 fiscal year (January 1 - December 31), the Miele Group achieved sales of € 4.5 bn, 6.5% more than in 2019. This has even greater relevance in view of the fact that Miele was also massively hit by the turmoil caused by the current pandemic during the past year. 'Thanks to our strong brand, a high-quality product range and the persistent expansion of digital marketing activities, Miele has nevertheless succeeded in surpassing the previous year's turnover by a considerable margin. We will continue to stay our course and, indeed, strengthen it', says the Executive Board of the world's leading purveyor of premium domestic appliances and commercial machines. Strong growth was reported above all in Germany, central Europe and in China. Amongst individual categories, vacuum cleaners and refrigeration products experienced the greatest growth rates. As per December 31, 2020, Miele employed a staff of 20,944 worldwide. This equates to an increase of 466 year-on-year.

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Gütersloh/Berlin, February 9, 2021 No. 005/2021

Miele takes majority stake in successful KptnCook recipe app

A fresh, healthy and sustainable cuisine is increasingly becoming an integral part of daily life for many people – with recipe ideas nowadays found above all online. In this respect, the KptnCook app provided by the eponymous Berlin startup counts among the fastest-growing offerings in the German-speaking world – with Miele holding a stake in the company since 2018. Now, the domestic appliance company from Gütersloh is increasing its stake in KptnCook to over 50%. The common goal is to further fuel the growth of this multiple award-winning app in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and beyond. Furthermore, greater personalisation of offers is planned.

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Gütersloh, January 28, 2021 No. 004/2021

Miele vacuum cleaner bags big test win

Two appliances from Miele excelled in the recent vacuum cleaner test conducted by the German consumer watchdog Stiftung Warentest. In the vacuum cleaner test, seven models with a dustbag were pitted against seven bagless models. The results have been published in the 02/2021 edition of the 'test' magazine, available from newsagents from today.

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Gütersloh, January 19, 2021 No. 003/2021

Miele launches production and sale of air purifiers as additional protection against Covid-19

Wherever many persons congregate in enclosed spaces, the risk of infection with Covid-19 is understandably particularly high. Consequently, frequent and thorough ventilation is vital in school classrooms, public buildings, surgeries, shops and offices – but is not always possible to a sufficient degree. This is where the new mobile AirControl air purifier from Miele has a contribution to make. This highly effective unit is specifically designed for use in businesses and public buildings. Production has started at Miele's Lehrte plant.

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Gütersloh, January 11, 2021 No. 002/2021

Ideal for small rooms: New bedpan washer from Miele with a width of only 45 cm

As a full-line hygiene specialist, Miele is now expanding its portfolio of bedpan washers. An additional free-standing unit with a width of only 45 cm is ideal for small utility rooms and also easy to integrate into a run of furniture.

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