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Gütersloh, May 11, 2021 No. 033/2021

Washing reusable bottles in a dishwasher – now possible with all commercial models from Miele

Reusable glass bottles and decanters are becoming increasingly popular – whether at home, in offices, in cafés and restaurants or in nursing homes and child care. Now, the insides of these bottles can be washed fast and thoroughly in all Miele commercial dishwashers. The matching basket is available both for fresh water dishwashers and for models from the ProfiLine series.

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Gütersloh, May 10, 2021 No. 031/2021

Miele at Achema Pulse: Innovative products for greater capacity and flexibility in everyday laboratory life

The efficient reprocessing of laboratory glassware will be centre-stage at Miele's presentation at the forthcoming live digital Achema Pulse (June 15-16): Take, for example, the new SlimLine washer, which has retained is same narrow build but offers significantly more space inside, and now sports the particularly convenient EasyLoad system. The large-chamber laboratory glasswashers from the PLW 86 series also offer an increased load capacity – thanks to a new load carrier which boosts their capacity for small and medium-size laboratory glassware items by 50%.

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Gütersloh, May 6, 2021 No. 030/2021

Miele cancels its part in 2021 IFA and 'Küchenmeile'

For Miele, the IFA trade show in Berlin is by far the most important exhibition – and an indispensable meeting place for an exchange of views with valued dealers, consumers and representatives of the press from around the world. With more of a focus on the German specialist kitchen trade, the same applies to the 'Küchenmeile A 30' at Gut Böckel in Rödinghausen. The Gütersloh-based domestic appliance company took the decision to withdraw from both of this year's shows with a heavy heart.

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Gütersloh, May 4, 2021 No. 029/2021

New Miele refrigerators win iF Design Award

Convinced by innovative concept for freshness and excellent user convenience: Even before its launch, the new K 7000 generation of built-in refrigerators has received the iF Design Award. The new models met all criteria in full and excelled in terms of form and function.

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Gütersloh, April 29, 2021 No. 028/2021

For exceptional design: New air purifier from Miele receives coveted Red Dot award

Only two months after its market launch, Miele's mobile AirControl air purifier is now the recipient of one of the world's most reputable design prizes, the Red Dot Award. What counts with the international jury made up of 50 experts from various disciplines is aesthetic excellence and functionality in equal measure. Consequently, durability, ergonomics and innovation are also assessed. The initiator is Professor Peter Zec, Executive Director on the board of the Design Centre North Rhine-Westphalia in Essen.

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Gütersloh, April 27, 2021 No. 027/2021

Plenty of power and even more space – the new induction hob unit with integrated extractor from Miele

A combination of induction hob and efficient extractor saves time and is elegant – and hence increasingly the product of choice for high-end kitchens. Now Miele is further expanding its range of multi-talents: The high-performance newcomer KMDA 7476 offers 7 cm more space for pots and pans, despite having the same external dimensions. New, too, is the equally compact and intuitive operating controls in front of the flush extractor.

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Gütersloh, April 21, 2021 No. 026/2021

Miele’s new built-in refrigerators ensure longer-lasting freshness with active humidification

Unvorstellbare 1,3 Milliarden Tonnen Nahrungsmittel landen weltweit jedes Jahr im Müll. Zwölf Millionen Tonnen sind es allein in Deutschland, und mehr als die Hälfte davon wird in Privathaushalten weggeworfen. Hiergegen hilft ein bewussterer Umgang mit Lebensmitteln – und ein hocheffektives Frischesystem im Kühlschrank. Herausragende Lagerbedingungen bietet künftig die neue Kühlgeräte-Generation K 7000 von Miele – mit PerfectFresh Active. Neue Maßstäbe setzen diese Geräte auch bei Bedienkomfort und Ausleuchtung.

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Gütersloh, 31. März 2021 Nr. 023/2021

New energy label: Miele domestic appliances still classified as very energy-efficient

The new EU energy label has been in force since March. The most noticeable change is that the top label rating for energy efficiency, previously 'A+++', has been replaced by a simple 'A'. At the same time, the benchmark has once again been raised in comparison with the previous top rating. Under the new regime, Miele still excels with top marks for energy efficiency – for example on washing machines, where a lot of the frontloaders have been awarded the top 'A' rating.

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Gütersloh, March 22, 2021 No. 021/2021

New induction hob from Miele combines intuitive touch control with power and flexibility

Touch displays are an integral part of our everyday lives and have long since become indispensable in the kitchen. Miele has already demonstrated this with its Generation 7000 built-in appliances: Ovens, steam cookers and the like are easier and more intuitive to operate via touch display than almost any other cooking appliance before. Now the company is launching another powerful induction hob. It has three PowerFlex Plus areas for variable cooking with up to five pots and pans, is conveniently controlled via an integrated seven-inch TFT colour display and also offers 23 assistance programmes that ensure perfect results when frying.

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Gütersloh, March 17, 2021 No. 020/2021

Miele makes voice control for domestic appliances a convenient "morning routine"

Amazon's Alexa voice assistant and Miele domestic appliances communicate since 2017, but the latest update of the Miele skill* makes voice control even more convenient. An example? With a friendly "Good morning, Alexa", the blinds open, your favourite music plays, and the Miele coffee machine heats up.

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Gütersloh/Düsseldorf, March 16, 2021 No. 019/2021

Foothold in the world of outdoor cooking: Miele acquires majority stake in Otto Wilde Grillers

An increasing circle of people are showing an avid interest in cooking challenging dishes out in the fresh air – and are investing in high-end barbecue grills or even complete outdoor kitchens. Both companies intend to tackle this high-potential markets together with immediate effect: Otto Wilde will contribute its expertise in the field of innovative high-end grills and accessories. Miele, for its part, brings many years of know-how in the development, production, connectivity and marketing of premium built-in appliances worldwide to the table. Alongside expanding the product portfolio, further internationalisation is on the joint agenda.

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Gütersloh/Euskirchen, March 10, 2021 Nr. 017/2021

Following quarantine in Euskirchen: All Miele plants resume production

The Miele Euskirchen plant is working as normal from today. At the same time, production was ramped up again at other production sites which were temporarily unable to produce due to a lack of supply of motors from Euskirchen. In concrete terms, this applies to plants in Gütersloh and Ksawerów (washing machines), Bielefeld (dishwashers and vacuum cleaners) and Uničov (dishwashers and tumble dryers).

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Gütersloh, March 4, 2021 No. 016/2021

Miele AirControl air purifier: Efficiency endorsed by reputable hygiene institute

How do air purifiers with a HEPA filter perform in practice? This is currently a hotly discussed topic, above all regarding use in schools. Answers are provided by a recent series of experiments carried out by the highly reputable HYBETA medical hygiene institute in Münster, Germany, in collaboration with Miele. The test involved putting a mobile PAC 1080 Miele AirControl air purifier through its paces.

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Gütersloh, February 26, 2021 No. 015/2021

Quarantine at the Miele plant in Euskirchen: Production will have to be suspended at other plants

After complete evaluation of the tests of all 500 employees at the Miele plant in Euskirchen, 18 cases of Covid-19 have currently been confirmed as positive there. The British virus variant has been detected in a total of ten employees so far. As a consequence, the Department of Public Health has ordered the quarantine of 206 employees up to and including March 9th, 2021. This is a result of the particularly high risk of the British virus variant.

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Gütersloh, February 25, 2021 No. 014/2021

Miele cooker hood atop Stiftung Warentest rostrum

With a top mark of 2.0, Miele's PUR 98 W cooker hood convinced the jurors of Germany's leading consumer watchdog Stiftung Warentest all along the line, securing unparallelled overall victory. In total, the watchdog examined 18 cooker hoods in recirculation mode. The results were published in the 3/2021 issue of the 'test' magazine on February 25.

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Gütersloh, February 24, 2021 No. 011/2021

Positive Covid-19 tests at Miele plant in Euskirchen: 200 people are under quarantine

Despite stringent protective measures, infections with SARS-CoV-2 have occurred at the Miele plant in Euskirchen. The British virus variant B.1.1.7, which is considered to be particularly contagious, was found in six of the eight cases that initially tested positive. Last Tuesday, February 23, all of the plant's approximately 500 employees were tested. The results are expected to be available tomorrow.

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Gütersloh, February 18, 2021 No. 010/2021

Better hygiene in the home: Miele machines reliably deal with viruses

Demands for hygiene around the home have reached high levels and, indeed, further increased during the current pandemic. Hygienically sparkling crockery and clean laundry engenders trust and confidence and creates a sense of security in everyday life. And now, the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences has conducted a scientific investigation into whether dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers from Miele meet these high demands – and the independent Institute for Integrative Hygiene and Virology (InFluenc_H) awarded Miele its gold seal of approval. Miele's FashionMaster steam ironing system was awarded its seal in silver, the highest award going to a product in this category.

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Gütersloh, February 15, 2021 No. 007/2021

DataDiary from Miele: Efficient management of all process data from thermal disinfectors and small sterilisers

No matter whether visibly soiled or microbiologically contaminated: The reprocessing of medical and dental instruments should be continuously documented. Miele's tried-and-tested DataDiary app represents a reliable and time-saving solution in this respect. The app is designed for thermal disinfectors and small sterilisers. Cycle reports are received automatically and can be saved on a tablet PC. And now a DataDiary update is available – offering even greater convenience in terms of data presentation and archiving. The Android version is immediately available; the version for iPads will follow at the end of 2Q21.

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Gütersloh, February 11, 2021 No. 006/2021

Miele increases turnover by 6.5%

In the 2020 fiscal year (January 1 - December 31), the Miele Group achieved sales of € 4.5 bn, 6.5% more than in 2019. This has even greater relevance in view of the fact that Miele was also massively hit by the turmoil caused by the current pandemic during the past year. 'Thanks to our strong brand, a high-quality product range and the persistent expansion of digital marketing activities, Miele has nevertheless succeeded in surpassing the previous year's turnover by a considerable margin. We will continue to stay our course and, indeed, strengthen it', says the Executive Board of the world's leading purveyor of premium domestic appliances and commercial machines. Strong growth was reported above all in Germany, central Europe and in China. Amongst individual categories, vacuum cleaners and refrigeration products experienced the greatest growth rates. As per December 31, 2020, Miele employed a staff of 20,944 worldwide. This equates to an increase of 466 year-on-year.

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Gütersloh/Berlin, February 9, 2021 No. 005/2021

Miele takes majority stake in successful KptnCook recipe app

A fresh, healthy and sustainable cuisine is increasingly becoming an integral part of daily life for many people – with recipe ideas nowadays found above all online. In this respect, the KptnCook app provided by the eponymous Berlin startup counts among the fastest-growing offerings in the German-speaking world – with Miele holding a stake in the company since 2018. Now, the domestic appliance company from Gütersloh is increasing its stake in KptnCook to over 50%. The common goal is to further fuel the growth of this multiple award-winning app in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and beyond. Furthermore, greater personalisation of offers is planned.

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Gütersloh, January 28, 2021 No. 004/2021

Miele vacuum cleaner bags big test win

Two appliances from Miele excelled in the recent vacuum cleaner test conducted by the German consumer watchdog Stiftung Warentest. In the vacuum cleaner test, seven models with a dustbag were pitted against seven bagless models. The results have been published in the 02/2021 edition of the 'test' magazine, available from newsagents from today.

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Gütersloh, January 19, 2021 No. 003/2021

Miele launches production and sale of air purifiers as additional protection against Covid-19

Wherever many persons congregate in enclosed spaces, the risk of infection with Covid-19 is understandably particularly high. Consequently, frequent and thorough ventilation is vital in school classrooms, public buildings, surgeries, shops and offices – but is not always possible to a sufficient degree. This is where the new mobile AirControl air purifier from Miele has a contribution to make. This highly effective unit is specifically designed for use in businesses and public buildings. Production has started at Miele's Lehrte plant.

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Gütersloh, January 11, 2021 No. 002/2021

Ideal for small rooms: New bedpan washer from Miele with a width of only 45 cm

As a full-line hygiene specialist, Miele is now expanding its portfolio of bedpan washers. An additional free-standing unit with a width of only 45 cm is ideal for small utility rooms and also easy to integrate into a run of furniture.

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