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Connectivity and increased convenience: the new Benchmark laundry machines from Miele

Gütersloh, June 7, 2021 No. 039/2021
  • New full touch colour display simplifies operation
  • Ready to connect with smart systems

They are all-rounders but, where necessary, absolute specialists: The New Benchmark Machines, connectivity-enabled laundry machines from Miele, are set to replace the successful models from the Benchmark generation in June 2021. And there are also right-sized dryers to match the washing machines from this model series, with load capacities of between 12 kg and 20 kg. Commercial machines are the ideal foundation on which to build efficient laundries in hotels and restaurants – if required even providing digital support.

Washing machines and dryers will be available in the two familiar model series. Flagship Performance Plus models are recognisable at a glance by their stainless-steel fronts. They sport more than 90 wash programmes, bundled together in packages to cater for specific channels, including for instance, special programmes for bedding, towels, kitchen linen, workwear, sportswear or shirts. The standard range of programmes is available on Performance models with their new iron grey front.

The heart and soul of the machines are new controls which allow programme customisation. Depending on the application, M Touch Pro Plus controls with their full touch colour display can, for example, be set to offer a full complement of programmes and parameters or to be incredibly simple – in more than 30 languages. The smooth, easy-to-clean display even responds to gloved hands.

All machines are connectivity-enabled and ready to embrace future-proof solutions such as the new digital Miele MOVE portal. This allows laundry operators and trained members of staff to receive notifications when a machine is ready for unloading, browse operating data and, if required, gain fast access to the Miele Customer Service Department, to name but a few examples (cf. Press release No. 041/2021). Other useful features include connections to dispensing systems and other systems, for example peak load management.

Door locked at the touch of a fingertip

Compared with the current model generation, operating washing machines and dryers is now considerably simpler. Take for example the electro-mechanical OneFingerTouch door lock which – thanks to a new door handle design – is now even easier to operate: slight pressure applied by the tip of a finger is sufficient to close and lock the 415 mm door and start a programme. Once a programme ends, the door can be opened again just as easily. On the dryers, the door handle has been optimised and the size of the door handle recess increased for simple and ergonomic operation.

A further increase in user convenience comes in the form of exceptionally smooth-running washing machines, even when fully loaded. This is guaranteed by a strong and efficient main drive motor and a new 3D imbalance sensor. The latter monitors rotation during the ramp-up to full speed and evaluates the data gathered. Spin speeds are constantly and automatically adjusted to ensure that damp and heavy items are ideally distributed around the patented Mark 2 honeycomb drum. Integrated automatic load control adjusts water intake to the load in hand, simultaneously aligning programme running times and consumption.

Short washing and drying cycles

The shortest programme on Performance Plus washing machines uses a mere 5.9 l of water per kilogramme of laundry and is finished in only 42 minutes. Residual moisture is only 44%, saving valuable resources in the subsequent drying process – for example in the largest dryer with electric heating with a load capacity of 44 kg. Hence the new models cut specific running times by up to 10% compared with the previous generation.

New, too, is the way a percentage of the process air in the dryer is returned to the drying process by AirRecycling Flex, a further Miele development on the previous AirRecycling Plus system. In the new system, the air paths are dynamically adapted by smart controls to suit current operating conditions. This ensures perfect drying results combined with low energy consumption, shorter drying cycles and the gentler treatment of fabrics. Programme running times are reduced approximately by a further 4%.

Optimised cycles also boost the durability of all models. As on previous generations, The New Benchmark makes exclusive use of high-quality materials such as stainless steel and cast iron that are able to live up to the constant high levels of strain in commercial laundries. These machines passed endurance tests to ensure 30,000 and 20,000 hours of operation for washing machines and dryers respectively.

Company profile: Miele is the world's leading manufacturer of premium domestic appliances including cooking, baking and steam-cooking appliances, refrigeration products, coffee makers, dishwashers and laundry and floor care products. Their product portfolio also includes dishwashers, air purifiers, washing machines and tumble dryers for commercial use as well as washer-disinfectors and sterilisers for use in medical and laboratory applications (Miele Professional). Founded in 1899, the company has eight production plants in Germany, one each in Austria, the Czech Republic, China, Romania and Poland as well as two production plants belonging to its Italian medical technology subsidiary Steelco. Sales in the 2020 business year amounted to around € 4.5 bn (thereof 29.5% in Germany). Miele is represented with its own sales subsidiaries and via importers in almost 100 countries/regions. Throughout the world, the family-run enterprise, now in its fourth generation, employs a workforce of around 20,900, of which approx. 11,050 employees work in Germany. The company has its headquarters in Gütersloh in Westphalia.

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Thanks to special programmes, short running times and a whole host of convenience features, the washing machines and dryers from Miele’s The New Benchmark Machines generation ensure laundries run efficiently.

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The washing machines and dryers also offer special programmes for pillows and duvets. Water intake is adjusted to the load in hand – as are programme running times and consumption.

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The heart and soul of the machines are the new controls. Depending on the location and application, the full touch colour display can be set to offer a full complement of programmes and parameters or to be incredibly simple – in more than 30 languages. 

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