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Gütersloh/Cologne, January 16, 2017 No. 007/2017

Miele announces exclusive cooperation with 'Kitchen Stories' food portal

As and from today, Miele customers can not only access their domestic appliances from a mobile device – they also have access to recipes and high-quality food preparation videos. To achieve this, the tradition-steeped Gütersloh brand has teamed up with the Berlin start-up Kitchen Stories. This was announced today by Miele at its press conference at the LivingKitchen exhibition in Cologne.

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Gütersloh/Cologne, January 16, 2017 No. 001/2017

Modular elegance for creative chefs

Uncompromisingly elegant, versatile and multi-faceted – this is how the new SmartLine units from Miele present themselves to connoisseurs of fine cuisine. Customers can choose freely from induction hob, barbecue grill, Teppan Yaki, gas ring, induction wok and countertop extractor. As an ensemble, they form a cooking centre with a puristic appeal which breaks down the boundaries between kitchen and living space.

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Gütersloh/Cologne, January 16, 2017 No. 002/2017

'Active' offers enhanced features at attractive prices

Greater convenience, more elegance and better value for money: With its new 'Active' models, Miele is upgrading its entry-line ovens.

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Gütersloh/Cologne, January 16, 2017 No. 003/2017

Miele app goes culinary

To date, the Miele@mobile app served primarily to monitor and control Miele appliances from a tablet PC or a smartphone. With immediate effect, users are now to be given free and easy access to more than 1000 recipes; these will be accompanied by around 200 food-preparation videos. To make this happen, Miele is cooperating with the award-winning mobile recipe platform 'Kitchen Stories'. This app, produced by the fledgling Berlin company, is considered the best app of its kind currently available on the market.

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Gütersloh/Cologne, January 16, 2017 No. 004/2017

Music from the cooker hood

Cooking inspired by your favourite music? Naturally from your own smartphone. And if the sound is to be achieved without additional loudspeakers or ill-fitting earphones, a new cooker hood from Miele fits the bill perfectly: Miele's 'Black Wing Music' extractor features invisible, integrated loudspeakers and an amplifier for crystal clear stereo sound, and is still perfectly suited to its main purpose.

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Gütersloh/Cologne, November 30, 2016 No. 132/2016

Modular elegance for high-end kitchens

A new series of highly configurable cooking units to meet the needs of the discerning and a considerably improved range of entry-line ovens are set to be the highlights at the Miele presentation at the forthcoming LivingKitchen. The trade show motto for the Cologne exhibition to be held on January 16-22, 2017 in hall 4.1 is 'Modular Elegance'.

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Gütersloh, January 26, 2015 No. 009/2015

LivingKitchen – Miele draws positive balance

Miele considers its presence at the LivingKitchen 2015, which ended on Sunday after a full week, as having been a 'full success'. 

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Gütersloh/Cologne, January 19, 2015 No. 008/2015

Steam oven with microwave highlight at LivingKitchen

Nine out of ten Miele customers would like to own a second built-in cooking product alongside their oven according to the Gütersloh-based domestic appliance manufacturer Miele. But increasingly, consumers are faced with having to choose between a microwave and a steam oven.

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Gütersloh/Cologne, January 19, 2015 No. 001/2015

Miele reveals new dimensions to cooking in Cologne

'A new world of cooking' is the motto under which Miele will be presenting itself at the LivingKitchen in Cologne (January 19-25, 2015).

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Gütersloh/Cologne, January 19, 2015 No. 002/2015

Hot steam rides the microwave

When it comes to the most frequently used appliance, the hob unit is undoubtedly in pole position. But things get exciting as candidates line up for second place: microwaves currently lead, but steam ovens are hard on their heels

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Gütersloh/Cologne, January 19, 2015 No. 003/2015

Miele well positioned for EU energy label for cooker hoods

From January 2015 onwards cooker hoods will also be subject to EU energy labelling. So Miele is offering its customers a blend of new and tried-and-tested models which excel in every respect.

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Gütersloh/Cologne, January 19, 2015 No. 004/2015

Elegant and efficient: The new extractor units from Miele

When it comes to the design of cooker hoods, world collide. For some, a cooker hood is an eye-catcher in the kitchen; for others they should blend in with surrounding furniture and go about their work inconspicuously.

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Gütersloh/Cologne, January 19, 2015 No. 005/2015

Miele expands its range of headroom cooker hoods

Following the highly successful market launch of the DA 6096 Black Wing and White Wing headroom hoods, Miele is now shifting up a gear.

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Gütersloh/Cologne, January 19, 2015 No. 006/2015

American cooking with Miele genes

Whoever thought they knew everything about cookers and ovens are in for a Miele surprise at the forthcoming LivingKitchen exhibition.

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Gütersloh/Cologne, January 19, 2015 No. 007/2015

Project business drives sales of kitchen appliances

A relatively young business field is enjoying steady growth at Miele. Project business involves equipping exclusive new buildings across the world with premium domestic appliances on a big scale.

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Gütersloh/Cologne, November 25, 2014 No. 170/2014

LivingKitchen exhibition premieres

'A new world of cooking' is the motto under which Miele will be presenting itself at the LivingKitchen in Cologne (January 19-25, 2015).

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Exklusiv bei Miele: Die stilvolle Glasbodenbeleuchtung FlexiLight
Gütersloh/Cologne, January 14, 2013 No. 013/2013

"FlexiLight" brings brilliant light into the new refrigeration appliances from Miele

Illuminated refrigeration appliances have never been so stylish, elegant and refined: With the FlexiLight glass-edge lighting exclusive to Miele, the appliance manufacture in Gütersloh once again proves its leadership in innovation – and its love for detail.

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Die neuen Miele-Kühl- und Gefriergeräte der Generation K 30.000
Gütersloh/Cologne, January 14, 2013 No. 012/2013

Miele presents wide repertoire of new built-in refrigerators and freezers

For the first time in its 113-year history, Miele is launching a new generation of built-in refrigerators and freezers ("Generation K 30.000") at the same time as new cooking appliances.

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Die neuen Dunstabzugshauben der Generation 6000
Gütersloh/Cologne, January 14, 2013 No. 011/2013

Efficient ventilation in elegant matching design

Miele is set to introduce a breath of fresh air to the kitchen in the form of two new cooker hoods. So what is so special about these machines? They perfectly match the design of Generation 6000 built-in appliances whilst at the same time setting standards in terms of features and energy efficiency.

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Popcorn aus der Mikrowelle
Gütersloh/Cologne, January 14, 2013 No. 010/2013

New microwave ovens blend in perfectly with new built-in appliance generation / Large cabinet for wide range of uses

Microwaves are indispensable helpers in millions of homes, producing delicious dishes and snacks and cooking deep-frozen produce with a minimum of effort.

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Gourmet-Wärmeschublade in der Designlinie ContourLine
Gütersloh/Cologne, January 14, 2013 No. 009/2013

New Miele Gourmet warming drawers also suitable for low-temperature cooking

Warmer drawers are an expression of refined dining and perfectly complement primary appliances such as ovens, steam cookers and coffee machines. The Miele models from the Generation 6000 seamlessly blend in with the PureLine and ContourLine ranges in the product portfolio.

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Kombination aus Backofen, Dampfgarer mit Backofen und Gourmet-Wärmeschublade
Gütersloh/Cologne, January 14, 2013 No. 008/2013

Miele to launch new combination steam ovens

Combination steam cookers represent the pinnacle of cooking products as they combine a steam cooker and a wall oven in one single appliance.

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Im Garraum der neuen Dampfgarer bis zu drei Zutaten gleichzeitig zubereiten
Gütersloh/Cologne, January 14, 2013 No. 007/2013

Miele augments its steam oven range and perfects its technology

Steam ovens represent a mega-trend in the kitchen, incorporating the principles of healthy, wholesome cooking like no other appliance.

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Einbau-Kaffeevollautomat der Generation 6000
Gütersloh/Cologne, January 14, 2013 Nr. 006/2013

Perfect coffee experience for the most demanding

The new built-in Generation 6000 coffee makers complement the proven Miele technology with an exclusive feature. 

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Backofen mit Mikrowelle
Gütersloh/Cologne, January 14, 2013 No. 005/2013

Ovens with an integrated microwave save time and are incredibly versatile

The repertoire of Miele ovens with microwave ranges from simply reheating foods to sophisticated baking and roasting operations.

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Anthrazit für emaillierte Oberflächen
Gütersloh/Cologne, January 14, 2013 No. 004/2013

Ovens with a wealth of product enhancements

Generation 6000 ovens stand out above all thanks to their new design and their innovative user interfaces. But behind the machine fronts lie numerous technical improvements for the convenience of consumers.

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M Touch-Bedienung
Gütersloh/Cologne, January 14, 2013 No. 003/2013

Elegant, simple and concise as never before

With its Generation 6000, Miele is on the brink of introducing new user interfaces and displays across all built-in appliances. Whether touch controls, conventional rotary selectors or a combination of the two – product handling on the new appliances is simpler and more intuitive than ever before.

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Herd aus der Designlinie ContourLine
Gütersloh/Cologne, January 14, 2013 No. 002/2013

From traditional to puristic

Two new design lines shape the image of the new Generation 6000 range of built-in appliances from Miele. The PureLine and ContourLine design lines each have their unique and inimitable styles and harmonise with various kitchen designs.

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Designlinie PureLine
Gütersloh/Cologne, January 14, 2013 No. 001/2013

Miele to present completely new cooking appliance range at LivingKitchen

LivingKitchen is to be the stage for the unveiling of a completely new generation of built-in appliances – from wall ovens, steam cookers, coffee machines and microwave ovens to cooker hoods (Generation 6000). 

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