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Gütersloh/Berlin, September 4, 2019 No. 83/2019

Strong IFA performance by Miele's first rechargeable handstick

At today's IFA press conference, Miele unveiled its first rechargeable handstick vacuum cleaner. The flexibility of the Triflex with its 3-in-1 concept, patents pending, was graphically presented on stage by Executive Director and Co-Proprietor Dr. Markus Miele. Further highlights presented by Dr. Reinhard Zinkann, likewise Executive Director and Co-Proprietor, included washing machines and tumble dryers which go about their work faster and in a more environmentally friendly way, are intelligently networked and allow items of laundry to be added almost through to the end of a programme.

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Gütersloh/Berlin, September 4, 2019 No. 75/2019

IFA premiere: Miele presents its first rechargeable handstick

Almost one-third of vacuum cleaner purchasers in Europe now opt for a rechargeable model, with the trend continuing unabated. At IFA, the long-standing market leader in the canister vacuum field is now set to launch a convincing model range to cater for this fledgling market segment. Miele's TriFlex HX1 excels by virtue of its excellent suction performance and exceptional flexibility which is reflected in its name. 

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Gütersloh/Berlin, September 4, 2019 Nr. 75a/2019

All-rounder with strong suction: The Triflex HX1 at a glance

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Gütersloh/Berlin, September 4, 2019 No. 76/2019

Faster, more convenient and greener – the new washing machines and tumble dryers from Miele

At IFA, Miele will once again assert its leading role in laundry care – with new models that wash and dry even faster, more conveniently and in a way that places less strain on the environment. For example, forgotten items, no matter how large, can now be added to the wash almost through to the end of a programme. Washing and drying cycles will again be shortened considerably, without this compromising either cleaning performance or the gentle care of fabrics. Further convenience is promised by direct communication between the washing machine and the dryer.

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Gütersloh/Berlin, September 4, 2019 No. 77/2019

A hood for all the senses – the new Aura 4.0 Ambient recirculation model from Miele

A cooker hood is expected to be effective, to go about its work discreetly and to elegantly blend in with the kitchen. This feat – and much more besides – is mastered by the new Aura 4.0 Ambient from Miele with flying colours. It combines highly efficient ventilation technology with customisable ambient lighting and regulatable humidity. And, what is unique on the market: Three delicate dream-inducing fragrances round off an ambience which appeals to the senses.

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Gütersloh/Bielefeld, September 4, 2019 No. 78/2019

New cooker hood from Miele: A 'Screen' for clean air

With its vertical glass panel, the DA 9090 W Screen wall hood is reminiscent of a slimline extractor – and takes up an equally small amount of space. Miele's new hood also blends in perfectly in kitchens characterised by straight lines and a reduced design. It also offers taller persons greater freedom when cooking at the hob.

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Gütersloh/Berlin, September 4, 2019 No. 79/2019

Largest product launch in the history of Miele: Generation 7000 built-in appliances

With its Generation 7000 built-in appliances, Miele is making cooking simpler and more intuitive than ever before:  As for example with the first camera able to withstand the intense heat of a pyrolytic oven. And what's more, a clever guardian watches over cakes as they bake to ensure they never become too dry. The new induction hobs can cater for up to 6 pots and pans placed and moved around anywhere on the ceramic glass screen, dispensing with the need to select or join rings.

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Gütersloh/Berlin, September 4, 2019 No. 80/2019

Cooling big time: MasterCool from Miele

Large, spacious and highly representative: Refrigeration products from Miele's MasterCool built-in series. European design quality paired with American dimensions, now further enhanced. The new generation offers even greater convenience, a broader range of models and perfect integration into handleless kitchen. New lighting and contemporary controls, even linking up to an app, are features common to all models.

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Gütersloh/Berlin, September 4, 2019 No. 81/2019

Appealing, convenient, fascinating – Miele takes smart home to next level

The majority of new Generation 7000 built-in Miele appliances are connectivity-enabled when they leave the factory gates. New, attractive applications to be presented by the company at the IFA trade show are set to trigger further demand, whetting the appetite for a smarter home. These include cooking assistance systems and an application which treats coffee connoisseurs to their own customised espresso. Greater convenience is now also offered by connectivity on laundry-care products – and augmented reality takes shopping with Miele to new heights.

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Gütersloh/Berlin, September 4, 2019 No. 82/2019

Series 120 – The second wave

Miele’s number of the year throughout 2019 is 120 as the company celebrates its 120-year history with attractive 'Series 120' promotional models. Dryers, washer-dryers, ovens, the FashionMaster ironing system, semi-commercial dishwashers and canister vacuum cleaners using dustbags will be available through dealers in the second half of the year. These join products such as coffee machine, washing machine, dishwashers, bagless vacuum cleaners and fridge-freezer combination which have been available since spring. 

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