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Refrigeration from Miele: Top-class energy efficiency over many years

Gütersloh/Rödinghausen, September 16, 2022 No. 090/2022
  • Miele presents new K 4000 free-standing generation
  • High-quality insulation makes the difference

The letter A is writ large on the energy label: Miele is to present a new generation of free-standing refrigerators along with fridge-freezer combinations in the best possible energy efficiency class under the new regime. All this is possible thanks to a particularly effective approach to insulation which ensures that the energy efficiency of Miele models remains high throughout the entire life cycle of the products.

On its new A-rated models, Miele relies on insulation panels made using silica (silicic acid). This material is at the core of vacuum insulation panels which keep the cold inside the unit and heat outside. The material enables not only highly effective but also much thinner insulation panels than the more usual ones made from insulation foam. The associated space savings go directly into increasing food storage space inside the unit, allowing even models rated A for energy efficiency to have a larger storage capacity.

Added to this, on refrigerators with a lower-quality insulation material, the original insulation efficiency may deteriorate over the course of time. The reason for this is that the aging process increasingly allows more heat to pass through, depending on the material. Imperceptibly, electricity consumption rises as a result over the life cycle of the unit. Miele therefore exclusively deploys high-quality vacuum insulation panels that retain their insulation properties over a very long period of time. This is all the more important with respect to electricity bills and the climate as Miele appliances are particularly reliable and long-lasting. Miele calls this quality ahead of its time.

The new refrigeration products from Miele's K 4000 generation are due for launch from September 2022 onwards. Models with an energy efficiency rating of A will be available from spring 2023.


Company profile: Miele is the world's leading manufacturer of premium domestic appliances including cooking, baking and steam-cooking appliances, refrigeration products, coffee makers, dishwashers and laundry and floor care products. Their product portfolio also includes dishwashers, air purifiers, washing machines and tumble dryers for commercial use as well as washer-disinfectors and sterilisers for use in medical and laboratory applications. Founded in 1899, the company has eight production plants in Germany, one each in Austria, the Czech Republic, China, Romania and Poland as well as two production plants belonging to its Italian medical technology subsidiary Steelco. Sales in the 2021 business year amounted to around € 4.84 bn. Miele is represented with its own sales subsidiaries and via importers in almost 100 countries/regions. Throughout the world, the family-run enterprise, now in its fourth generation, employs a workforce of around 22,300, of which approx. 11,200 employees work in Germany. The company has its headquarters in Gütersloh in Westphalia.

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Sustainable energy efficiency: The new Miele K 4000 free-standing refrigerators with their high-quality vacuum insulation panels for enduring efficiency. (Photo: Miele)

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High-quality insulation as on the K 4000 generation from Miele not only keeps food inside the refrigerator fresh but also protects the environment and family finances. (Photo: Miele)

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